The Revelation waits for the appointed time

 I think I JUST NOW understood something.  The word over my life has been simply: Patience. 

I always thought I was so patient and so tolerant. But I am quickly finding that I am as impatient as my 2 year old, who wants everything right NOW.

I don’t know why it was so hard for me to see that the time isn’t right for the Revelation to be revealed, (or whatever it is that God is going to do), but things seem to be coming together.  I think I need to be in a place where I can stop, focus and grieve without worrying more than I should. Right now, I’m worried about too many things, and it’s hard to keep things at the foot of the Throne and just leave them there. Why that’s so impossible is beyond me, but I’ve already admitted to being a control-freak. Even still, I’ll probably be just fine. I keep thinking about what I’d do if Jon was here, but was incapacitated and I needed to take over things. For some reason, that thought makes it easier for me to get things done. Instead of saying, But God – I NEED Jon here to help me do these things!,  I say; “If Jon was here, how would he do them? And how would I do them if he was here, but couldn’t help me?”

Suddenly, I have become so enabled. I am less afraid and calmer. It’s the Peace that passes all Understanding, and I don’t need to know everything to function. I wish I could have gotten this together, sooner.

Sometimes, the simplest things seem to be so hard to do. Like waiting patiently. It doesn’t mean not to live and take care of my girls. It just means that the things that I have burdened in my heart will be answered and satisfied when it’s time to do so.

LoL. I can’t help thinking: “WELL, DUH! Maria!”